Winter school for girls in Slovenia

FotografiaUniversity of Ljubljana (UL)  organized intensive 5 days winter school of programming for girls, which was held from 17 to 21 February 2020 and led by Jože Rugelj, Mateja Bevčič, Matej Zapušek, Tadeja Nemanič, Špela Cerar (UL) and Katja K. Ošljak (Institute Vsak).
At winter school, girls learned  programming, using the design thinking approach.
Learning materials developed  in the project were used and students', teachers' and external evaluator's responses and opinions were collected. The results show that learning materials and didactic approaches developed in the framework of the project, are properly designed and that the  students achieved the previously defined learning goals. The students and teachers were satisfied with the course and the external evaluator's opinion was very positive.