End-to-end learning activities (included in the Instructional Support Content) based on the proposed serious game approach for building programming skills among girls preparing them for careers in the computer science sector will be organized and validated in Slovenia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Portugal. The activities will be documented into learning sheets targeting instructors. This will facilitate an easier integration of the proposed game-based learning framework into existing instructional practices.
Project presentation
Prof. Nataša Hoić-Božić of University of Rijekapresented the project Coding4Girls at the session of the Council of the Department of Informatics (UNIRI) that was held today, 29th of November 2018. She presented general information about the project, main objectives, partners, intellectual outputs and expected results.
Kick-Off Meeting
Coding4Girls kick-off meeting was organized in Porto, Portugal at the Engineering School of the Porto Polytechnic - ISEP.
The aim was to consolidate the network among the partners, to start up the project activities and to plan the next deadlines.

Multilingual Project Leaflets
In order to disseminate and exploit Coding4Girls project, multilingual project leaflets were prepared. The aim is to promote general information on project objectives, activities, and results as well as the CODING4GIRLS approach and instructional support content to the targeted stakeholders in secondary and wider school education at meetings, organizations, local seminars and international conferences.
Project Presentation at I.C. Montessori
Ing. Alden M. Dochshanov, on behalf of EU-Track Association, presented the Coding4Girls project aims and activities during the event “Per una scuola innovativa e inclusiva: le opportunità in Erasmus+, nuova programmazione”, organized on January, 21st at Istituto Comprensivo “Maria Montessori” in Terracina (Italy).
First Newsletter
The first newsletter was drawn up by the project team as a part of the dissemination activities. It is available in English, Bulgaria, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Slovenian and Turkish.
Project Meeting April 2019
Coding4Girls project meeting was organised by the Coordinator, University of Ljubljana, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 11th to 12th of April 2019.