Instructional Support Content

Instructional support content targets educators and aims at providing the necessary how-to good practice instructions that will allow them to integrate the proposed learning methodologies and tools into their already well developed instructional practices.

More specifically, the output will:
  • Facilitate the more effective adoption of project outcomes on developing programming skills among girls through serious games into wider, blended learning school practices.
  • Provide teachers with the information they need for enhancing their teaching on programming through the proposed serious games approach and design thinking learning methodologies.
  • Help build teacher skills, confidence, and motivation in the deployment of emerging ICT, and specifically serious games, as a complementary learning tool.
  • Build the skills of teachers on the integration of ICT into instructional practices through supporting content.
The material will have the form of:
  • Learning sheets that describe end-to-end blended learning activities that deploy the CODING4GIRLS serious game and design thinking approaches.
  • How-to videos that act as a visual aid on how to use the features and the functionality of the CODING4GIRLS serious game.
  • A user guide on the CODING4GIRLS serious game approach for building programming skills among girls through design thinking approaches.